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01 Dec 2014 — Reading time: about 2 min.

Code is a lot like a map.

I learned that I should pay attention not only to how efficient my code is, but also how legible. Much like a cartographer’s concern is how a map is to be read, and not only how it’s printed. Read on…

Map: Bacon’s New Map of London, Divided into Half Mile Squares & Circles. This work is in the public domain. Wikimedia

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21 Nov 2014 — Reading time: about 5 min.

It helps to be helpful

By the time a user seeks help, they’ve likely already had a negative experience, to some degree. It’s important, then, that the process of requesting support be easy, predictable, and without friction, lest we turn a customer’s mild annoyance into outright frustration. As usual when crafting a useful user experience, empathy is key.

26 Mar 2014 — Reading time: about 2 min.

Mobile-first As a Design Concern

We mustn’t underestimate the value of working within tight constraints. Designing for mobile devices first provides such constraints.

21 Jan 2014 — Reading time: about 9 min.

Let’s deliver better CMS experiences.

“I just don’t understand how to use my website’s CMS.” This, or some variation of it, is a gripe I hear all too often from prospective clients. Some of them tell me they’ve never —not since day one— felt confident using their website’s CMS, while others add that requesting support and training from whoever delivered their CMS is something they’d rather not do. What’s up with that?