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/markup is the studio/playpen of Alfonso Gómez-Arzola. That’s me, looking all proud and whatnot.

I’m in the business of problem-solving by way of design and development. To that end, I collaborate often and write on occasion.

Here’s how to get in touch if you’re itching to get started.


Here’s the thing about me:

I live to make things work well.

Good looks are only as effective as the overall experience people have with a product, so a holistic approach to design is essential to crafting a positive experience.

Designers must concern ourselves with how things work, and code is how the web works. It is inextricably tied to design because it plays such a significant role in shaping a user’s experience. Development, then, is a natural design concern.

This is how I approach every web project. If you’d like to read my musings on design, development, and how these interact, check out /ideas, the /markup blog.


Responsive Web Design + Development

Women’s Fund of Greater Chattanooga

WFGC had a communication problem, but it also had a tool problem. In collaboration with D+J, I delivered an attractive, responsive website that is also a pleasure to manage.

Early discovery sessions quickly revealed the source of all their web-management woes: They were stuck with a difficult to operate CMS coupled with an inflexible and unpredictable templating system. By applying focus on building a CMS interface that puts tools to work for the user and intuitively represent their relationship to the front-end, along with a smart and robust templating system that makes it difficult to break things, I was able to turn the WFGC’s greatest source of stress into their favorite communication tool.

Launch WFGC

Web Design + Development

Paper Hive

In collaboration with Axio Design in Colorado Springs, I designed and developed a single-page website that effectively communicates who Paper Hive are and what they do.

The folks at Axio were tasked with creating a strong, image-driven identity for Paper Hive, a supplier and distributor of premium papers in Colorado. They had a small budget with which to work, but wanted to give their client a simple website to help launch their new identity. Enter the almighty single-pager.

Launch Paper Hive

Responsive Web Design + Development

Society of Work

Society of Work is a coworkspace in downtown Chattanooga, TN. Its owner Kelly Fitzgerald commissioned an identity from D+J, who brought me in to collaborate as a designer and developer.

The design was a collaboration. DJ Trischler provided several layout mock-ups for the most common device sizes, and the rest of the design process happened in the browser. I took a mobile-first approach, using DJ’s mock-ups as milestones and designing in-between stages to ensure that every possible viewport size is served a clean layout that doesn’t look like it’s caught between ideal breaking points.

Launch Society of Work

Responsive Web Development


D+J aimed to deliver a responsive single-pager that packs a lot of information, all within a framework that allows the client to maintain the website on their own.

This project marks the first collaboration between D+J and I. While the initial approach was a more traditional designer-to-developer hand-off, there was a lot of consulting during the design phase, and then some collaboration during implementation and development. A minimalist CMS was integrated to help the client take charge of their online prescence with minimal effort, and they’ve since made it their own.

Launch GridWell

Web Design + Development, Identity

Soloff Properties

Soloff Properties wanted a single-page website from which to point to its multiple online real estate profiles. But it needed a bit more than that.

Elizabeth Soloff is a real estate veteran in Chattanooga and the region. Her business has grown organically over the years, and —as too often happens when small businesses grow without design guidance— her identity was a mishmash of multiple impromptu iterations of one basic idea. After initial conversations with her about her website needs, it became evident that she also needed a definitive logotype, so we worked together to decide on an iteration, refine the type on it, polish it up, and then make sure she has every possible filetype she could ever need. Now her business has a solid, consistent identity that she uses everywhere, and a single website that summarizes all she has to offer.

Launch Soloff Properties


I like to partner with other designers and developers. Some of my best work has been the product of collaborations with creative problem-solvers.

I collaborate with excellent people.

Here’s what some of them have to say about working with me:

Portrait of DJ Trischler

It’s a no brainer for me to work with Alfonso and /markup. He loves the work. Because of that he’ll go to great lengths to make things right. As a designer myself, not a developer, I’ve always enjoyed how Alfonso makes web projects better than I could have ever imagined them. Often developers are telling me what I can’t do. Alf’s the opposite. He tells me all the things I had no idea were possible. He’s always pushing the bar. For that, and many other reasons, I continue partnering with him.

DJ Trischler Communication Designer

Portrait of Alberto Rigau

Alfonso is an outstanding programmer/designer with an innate ability of visualizing concepts, building interactive structures and delivering on schedule. A killer asset to any collaborative team.

Alberto Rigau Designer at estudio interlínea

Portrait of Pablo López

Alfonso did an excellent job reimagining and modernising an old, glitchy web application and turning it into a first class, fluid design that works in desktop and mobile browsers while still delivering a great User Experience (UX) in both.

Pablo López Founder & Software Developer at Polsense

There’s a damn good chance you and I can work together. Get in touch and let’s build something.


I don’t always write down my thoughts, but when I do, I like to think they may be of interest to others. /ideas is where I test this hypothesis.

Here’s my latest post:

Code is a lot like a map.

I learned that I should pay attention not only to how efficient my code is, but also how legible. Much like a cartographer’s concern is how a map is to be read, and not only how it’s printed.

Read on…

Map: Bacon’s New Map of London, Divided into Half Mile Squares & Circles. This work is in the public domain. Wikimedia

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